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Terms & Conditions (Hotel)

Following are our terms and conditions which you need to follow in order to avail hotel booking facility from our website.

What We offer?

We are offering our services as online portal where anyone can book temporary accommodation (Hotels, Rooms, Guest houses, Flats, Villas, Lodges and Apartments) in selected hotels in selected cities of Pakistan. We also providing an online portal where different hotel owners can advertise their Hotels, Rooms, Guest houses, Flats, Villas, Lodges and Apartments. By booking any room or other accommodation as we described above; you are entering into a legally binding agreement with the accommodation provider. Our role is to facilitate the whole process. All information provided here regarding accommodation booking is provided by respective accommodation providers. We are striving hard to provide you accurate information about rooms however, we cannot guarantee accuracy and hence cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate information or non-delivery information. Nor can we be held responsible for any interruptions, breakdown, repair, upgrade or maintenance of our website. Our website is not, and should not be considered a recommendation of the quality, value, service level or rating or any accommodation available on it.

Privacy and Cookies

We respects your privacy. You can view our full privacy policy on our page.

Services of Booking

We do not charge any amount from customers for making a booking/s in term of our services. This means, you can book your desire hotel or room without paying us for our services.


Easybooking.pk is not charging clients/customers any hidden amount either in booking or in any other form. All prices mentioned in our website regarding hotel rooms are exclusive of Govt. taxes or any other taxes. Any other facility or service provided by accommodation provider will charge extra amount. We are striving hard to provide you very economical as well as competitive prices as compare to other websites offering same services. It is our believe that we are offering best possible prices for hotel room booking. However, we cannot guarantee you the lowest price than us will not offer you by elsewhere.

Currency Rate Difference

All rates are provided here are base on Local currency that is Pak Rupees. In case of payment made in any other currency then the difference if any, shall be born by the customer. Easybooking.pk shall not held responsible for this or any similar difference in price due to currency change.


Easybooking.pk is not accepting any amount directly from customers regarding booking of single room or multiple rooms. All accommodation provider here in this website accepts payment in cash as well as in credit card form. Any other method of payment as accepted by accommodation provider will be solely on their own discretion. We shall not held responsible in case of non payment of customer to the accommodation provider.


By making booking of room from accommodation provider through using our website, you accept the cancellation and/or no-show policy as implemented by accommodation providers. You have to follow the terms and conditions of accommodation provider in this regard. We shall accept no responsibility in case of any charges or amount you paid or liable to pay to accommodation provider, due to cancellation of booking.

Hotels Ranking and Review

Hotel ranking and reviews both are based on different criteria. We follow algorithm based on multiple criteria to rank a hotel. Moreover users are allowed to make review of their booking to share their experience. We shall request you to give us a minute and fill a feedback form regarding the services and stay at hotel. This review will become the property of Easybooking.pk and we shall us this to rank a hotel in terms of services, price, facilities, food quality and staff services. We further can use this property for promotion of our products and/or website or any other use we deem fit appropriate.

Intellectual Property Rights

Easbooking.pk reserves intellectual property rights of all content, information, software in this website and we retain all rights to all intellectual property rights regarding website and our services provided here.

You will need our written permission in case if you need any data from our website. This includes but not limited to data, contents, reviews and images. Therefore, any illegal use of our data and contents provided in this website will constitute a material infringement of our intellectual property rights. We reserve the right to start any legal action against this infringement as and when happened.

Other Terms and conditions

1- We shall reserve the right to change or amend any term and condition without any notice.

2- We shall reserve the right to publish or not publish any review or material at our website.

3- We shall reserve the right to remove any or all data or contents or reviews from our website without any notice.

4- We shall not held responsible for deliverance of services by accommodation provider.

5- We shall reserve the right to change or amend the price of hotel room or accommodation at any time without notice.