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Legal Advice

Before visiting this website or making booking or arranging booking base on information provided by Easybooking.pk, we shall encourage our users to read this page carefully. By visiting this website, we are assuming that you have read and understand the contents of this page.

1- Easybooking.pk does not own the responsibility of food quality, marriage hall status, hall decoration and all other add-on facilities provided by marriage hall owners. We are providing a platform where user can find and locate ideal marriage hall base on his/her requirements.

2- All marriage halls provided here are responsible for maintaining quality standards of their food and marriage all. We shall assume no responsibility in case of any problem found by user in food or other services provided by marriage hall.

3- Marriage halls, Restaurants, Catering centers and Hotels reserved the right to cancel any booking made by their client either from using this website or recommending by us. We shall bear no responsibility in this regard.

4- All information provided by us regarding booking dates, rates, parking space and other information about marriage halls can be alterable by respective marriage halls. We shall accept no responsibility in this regard. They are owners of their marriage halls and can change any or all rates provided by them.

5- All discount offers, special deals or hot deals from marriage halls, beauty parlors, Jewelers, Furniture showrooms, Home appliances stores, Bridle & Groom dresses shops can change, amend or cancel these deals. Therefore, we shall accept no responsibility in case of any trouble or loss sustained by any individual or group base on our information. We are providing these deals or the request of these businesses and therefore, we shall not liable for consequences in case of any deal is canceled, altered or changed.